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Larry Augustin is CEO of SugarCRM[1] and is a former venture capitalist and the co-founder and former chairman of VA Software, now known as Geeknet. He founded VA Research, the predecessor to that company, in 1993 while a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering at Stanford University. While at VA, he was one of the driving forces behind the creation of SourceForge, a popular collaborative software development management system.[2][3]

He currently[when?] serves on the board of several companies, including DotNetNuke, Fonality, the Free Standards Group, JBoss, Linux International, MedSphere, the OSDL, Pentaho, SugarCRM, Hyperic, Compiere, Zend Technologies and Appcelerator.[2] Larry Augustin is also featured in the 2001 documentary film Revolution OS.

Larry Augustin (born 1930) is the retired CEO of Augustin Lumber Company, Inc. of Loretto, Tennessee. His grandfather William Henry started the business in 1900 and took complete control by buying the Myers family out of their hardware business interest around 1918. Larry's father was Leonard Gottlieb Augustin; and Larry was the first born male; Pat Augustine being the second. Augustin Lumber made its fortune during the Great Depression selling timber from the Seven Mile Island area which was to be flooded by TVA with the Wilson dam project. The hardwood was sold to interests in England.

Larry served in Korea until he was discharged to take over from his father who had become bed-ridden. Larry also closed the lumber company for a period when it tried to unionize. He also made sure the rest of the family was well taken care of (even all the widows); to the determent of the business.

Larry Augustin was a real businessman. He helped make houses and railroads (the L&N: through ties and standard little railroad buildings).

He is currently retired and enjoying the fruits of his labor.


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