Leo and Me

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Leo and Me
Starring Michael J. Fox
Brent Carver
Charles W. Gray
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 12
Running time approx. 0:30 (per episode)
Original channel CBC Television
Original run May 29, 1976 – 1981

Leo and Me is a Canadian television sitcom that was originally produced in 1976 but did not air until 1981.

It starred a 15 year old Michael J. Fox, in his television acting debut, playing Jamie, the 12 year old younger brother of Leo (Brent Carver).

Leo and Me was produced by Don Eccleston, directed by Don S. Williams and written by Marc and Susan Strange.

Parkinson's disease[edit]

In 2002, an investigation was launched into Leo and Me after an unusual cluster of Parkinson's disease cases was noted among former cast and crew members of the show. Fox and director Don Williams were among the four with the disease, along with a writer and a cameraman.[1][2][3]

When asked about the cluster by Howard Stern in a September 25, 2013, interview on The Howard Stern Show, Michael J. Fox stated, "Believe it or not, from a scientific point of view, that's not significant."[4]


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