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Corner view of a rectangular building which displays the sign "Lippo Bank"
A Lippo Bank building in Makassar. Lippo Group executives were implicated in the 1996 United States campaign finance controversy involving the bank.[1]

The Lippo Group (力宝集团) is a major Indonesian conglomerate founded by Mochtar Riady. The Lippo Group began with Bank Lippo, later using this as a platform for regional property development projects. In 2001, the Lippo Group delved into the education market with the newly minted Putian University (in Putian, Fujian Province, China) by providing international training (using English) for specially-selected accounting and computer science students.

Lippo Group controls in excess of $15 billion in assets with significant investments in retail, media, real estate, banking, natural resources, hospitality, and healthcare industries. The group's flagship operating platforms include OUE Singapore, Lippo Karawaci Indonesia, Hypermart, Matahari, Siloam Hospitals Indonesia, First REIT, LMIR REIT, Auric Pacific, and Lippo Incheon Development.

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