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Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest Monotheistic religions. Zoroastrianism has a history dating from 600 BC to perhaps more than 1000 BC. The total number of currently practicing Zoroastrians is unknown but estimates range from about 125,000 to over 300,000. Most Zoroastrians live in their traditional homelands of India, Iran, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan; presently a substantial proportion of the population lives in places such as North America, the United Kingdom, the Persian gulf, Oceania, and Singapore. The Parsi and Irani groups are some of the most well known people that have been reported to still practice this religion. Historically Zoroastrianism was widespread across much of Central Asia, Anatolia, Babylon and Persia.


Figures below are based on the Fezana Journal survey as well as ethnographic research on the number of Parsis and other Zoroastrian ethnoreligious communities.

Country Population[1][2] Percent Population
India India 69,000 0.006
Iran Iran 25,271 0.03[3]
United States United States 11,000 0.004
Afghanistan Afghanistan 10,000 0.031
United Kingdom United Kingdom 4,105 [4] 0.007
Canada Canada 5,000 0.014
Pakistan Pakistan 5,000 0.003
Singapore Singapore 4,500 0.087
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 2,000 0.022
Australia Australia 2,700 0.012
Persian Gulf Countries 2,200 0.005
New Zealand New Zealand 2,000 0.045
Total 137,776 -

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