List of reptiles of Brazil

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Yellow anaconda, Eunectes notaeus

Total number of species = 732

Nota bene: In the following list, a binomial authority in parentheses indicates that the species was originally described in a genus other than the genus to which it is currently assigned.


Cheloniidae (4 species)[edit]

Dermochelyidae (1 species)[edit]

Emydidae (2 species)[edit]

Geoemydidae (1 species)[edit]

Kinosternidae (1 species)[edit]

Testudinidae (2 species)[edit]

Podocnemididae (5 species)[edit]

Chelidae (19 species)[edit]

Nomenclature based on Rhodin et al., 2010[1]


Alligatoridae (6 species)[edit]


Amphisbaenidae (49 species)[edit]

Rhineuridae (8 species)[edit]

Iguanidae (1 species)[edit]

Hoplocercidae (3 species)[edit]

Polychrotidae (21 species)[edit]

Leiosauridae (7 species)[edit]

Tropiduridae (35 species)[edit]

Gekkonidae (29 species)[edit]

Anguidae (5 species)[edit]

Teiidae (31 species)[edit]

Gymnophthalmidae (71 species)[edit]

Scincidae (14 species)[edit]

Squamata - Serpentes[edit]

Anomalepididae (4 species)[edit]

Leptotyphlopidae (12 species)[edit]

Typhlopidae (6 species)[edit]

Aniliidae (1 species)[edit]

Tropidophiidae (1 species)[edit]

Boidae (8 species)[edit]

Colubridae (238 species)[edit]

Elapidae (22 species)[edit]

Viperidae (27 species)[edit]

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Until now (November 2011) there are 732 recognized reptile species that naturally occur and reproduce in Brazil: 36 turtles, 6 alligators, 248 lizards, 67 amphisbaenas, and 375 snakes.