Live in 2008

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Live in 2008
Live album by James
Released 7 December 2008
Recorded April 2008
Genre Alternative Britpop
Label James
James chronology
Hey Ma
Live in 2008

Live in 2008 is a self-released live album by James, containing fourteen songs recorded during their 2008 spring tour.

The album was limited to 5000 copies, and was exclusively sold at the merchandise stalls at the "We Are Sound" 2008 UK tour. Very few copies have been 'sold on' by loyal fans which have made this an extremely 'collectable' CD. Recent examples have been sold on eBay for in excess of £120.

The album was recorded by Chris Madden and mixed by Lee Muddy Baker, producer of the album Hey Ma.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Oh My Heart"
  2. "Born of Frustration"
  3. "Upside"
  4. "Tomorrow"
  5. "Bubbles"
  6. "Hey Ma"
  7. "Señorita"
  8. "Waterfall"
  9. "Boom Boom"
  10. "Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)"
  11. "Whiteboy"
  12. "Sometimes"
  13. "Laid"
  14. (Peter Kay Liverpool intro)
  15. "Lullaby"


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