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The longest word in the Spanish language has been debated over for a long time, as is the case with the longest word in English.

  • The adverb superextraordinarísimamente (superextraordinarily) (Spanish pronunciation: [supeɾekstɾaorðinaˈɾisimaˈmente]), at 27 letters, is often considered to be the longest in the Spanish language.[1][2] However, the status of this word has been challenged for improper construction (it contains two superlatives, something not accepted by Spanish language rules).
  • The noun esternocleidomastoideitis (inflammation of the sternocleidomastoid), at 25 letters, is the longest valid word in Spanish. It is, however, a medical term rarely used outside this specific context.
  • The 24-letter word electroencefalografistas (electroencephalographists) is often cited as the longest Spanish word in actual use.[1]
  • The 23-letter words esternocleidomastoideos (sternocleidomastoids) and anticonstitucionalmente (anticonstitutionally) are two of the longest words in the Spanish language. The latter one is generally credited as the longest word in general usage.

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