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Origin South London, England
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1986- 1991, 2013- present
Labels Situation Two, Chapter 22 Records, Reactor, Head
Associated acts Main, The Hair and Skin Trading Company,
Past members Robert Hampson
Becky Stewart (Bex)
John Wills
Glen Ray
James Endeacott
Neil Mackay
Scott Dowson

Loop are an English alternative rock band founded in 1986 by Robert Hampson and his then girlfriend Becky Stewart (Bex) in South London. The band disbanded 1991 before reforming in 2013.


Loop were formed in 1986 by Robert Hampson (vocals, guitar), with his then-girlfriend Becky Stewart on drums. Bex was soon replaced by John Wills (The Servants) and Glen Ray, with James Endeacott on guitar.[1][2] Initially releasing records on their own Head label, their first release was 1987's '16 Dreams', with debut album Heaven's End following later that year. The band's psychedelic/drone rock gained comparisons with Spacemen 3, much to the latter's annoyance.[3][4][5]

Ray and Bex left, to be replaced by Endeacott, Wills and Neil Mackay,[1] the band also being signed up by Chapter 22 Records, returning with a more polished sound with the 'Collision' single in 1988. Second album Fade Out followed in 1989, reaching No. 51 on the UK album chart.[1] Endeacott left the band in 1988, Scott Dowson joined the following year. They changed labels again to Beggars Banquet subsidiary Situation Two, releasing the 'Arc-Lite' single in 1989 and the third and final studio album A Gilded Eternity in 1990.

The band split in 1991, with Hampson briefly joining Godflesh before forming Main with Dowson. Hampson's Main project was discontinued in 2006 and while he now releases under his own name in 2010 he announced the return of Main, albeit as a collaborative project with other sound artists. Wills and Mackay went on to form The Hair and Skin Trading Company, which last released in 1995. Wills now performs and records as Pumajaw.

Loop recorded three Peel sessions for John Peel (11 August 1987, 14 June 1988 and 21 January 1990). A collection of these sessions entitled Wolf Flow was released in 1992. Following the split Loop's official studio albums were re-released on their Reactor label. Their sound was influenced by Krautrock and No Wave influences and relied heavily on three chord riffs. Some of the records featured cover versions of Suicide, The Pop Group and Can tracks. The band played at the Reading Festival in 1989.

Hampson's MySpace pages referred to friendly pressure to again re-release the Loop albums and these were eventually released in November 2008 on the Reactor label.[6]


Loop reformed for 2013 and 2014 activities, as presented by a statement from Robert Hampson.[7] The line-up includes the original Gilded Eternity era members Robert Hampson, John Wills, Neil Mackay and Scott Dowson.

In November 2013, the band played their first comeback show and also co-curated the final holiday camp edition of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Camber Sands, England. [8]

They played in April 2014 as headliners of the Roadburn Festival.[9]Loop headlined the opening night of Milwaukee Psych Fest 2014 at Cactus Club on April 24 and played at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona in May 2014.

A post on the official Loop Facebook page from June 10th, 2014 indicated the group was disbanding due to unspecified issues. This post was deleted within hours. The following day a new post from Robert Hampson stated two new Loop songs had been written and that instead of disbanding, the group would continue with a new line up.

On June 12th the band announced they would no longer be able to perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Iceland in July 2014 or any other forthcoming dates.


Initial line-up (1986–87):

Interim line-up (1987–88):

  • Robert Hampson (vocals, guitars)
  • James Endeacott (guitars)
  • John Wills (drums)
  • Neil Mackay (bass)

Final line-up (1989–90):

  • Robert Hampson (vocals, guitars)
  • Scott Dowson (guitars)
  • John Wills (drums)
  • Neil Mackay (bass)



Month Year Title UK Indie Chart Position[10] UK Chart Position[1]
November 1987 Heaven's End #4 -
February 1989 Fade Out #1 #51
February 1990 A Gilded Eternity #1 #39

Compilation Albums[edit]

Month Year Title UK Indie Chart Position[10] UK Chart Position[1]
September 1988 The World in Your Eyes
#4 -
September 1989 Eternal: The Singles
- -
1991 Wolf Flow
 (Peel Sessions 1987-1990)
- -
1992 Dual
- -


Year Title Format UK Indie Chart Position[10]
February 1987 '16 Dreams' 12" #35
July 1987 'Spinning' 7" 12" #7
May 1988 'Collision' 7" 12" #4
December 1988 'Black Sun' 12" #5
December 1989 'Arc-lite' 7" 12" CD #6


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