MV Agusta 350B Sport

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MV Agusta 350B Sport
MV Agusta 350B Sport motorcyclr (Stamford Museum).jpg
Manufacturer MV Agusta
Production 1970-1974
Engine Four Stroke, Twin Cylinder
Top speed 96 mph (154 km/h)
Power 28 hp (21 kW) @ 8400 rpm
Transmission Unit Construction 5-speed
Suspension Front: Teledraulic fork
Rear: Swingarm with hydraulic dampers
Brakes Front: Twin-Cam 200 mm
Rear: Drum 200 mm
Tires Front: 2.75 x 18
Rear: 3.25 x 18
Wheelbase 1330 mm
Weight 149 kg (328 lb) (dry)
Fuel capacity 13 Litres

MV Agusta 350B Sport is a motorcycle made by MV Agusta. The Motorcycle was first introduced at the Milan motorcycle show in 1969. This mid-sized bike had great acceleration and sporty looks. Between 1970-1974 a number of MV Agusta 350’s were based on the engine and frame design. These included the Electonica and Scrambler.[1]

In 1972 the 350 was fitted with an electronic ignition and a full fairing version.


  • Engine: Twin Cylinder, 4-stroke air cooled cylinder. Side-by-side cylinders at a 20 degree inclination. OHV engine with rocker support.
  • Frame: Steel Tube
  • Suspension: Front telescopic oleohydraulic fork, rear swing arm and telescopic oleohydraulic shock absorbers.[2]
  • Bore Stroke: ( 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder 63 X 56 X 2 mm - 348.9 cm )
  • Compression Ratio: 9 : 1
  • Ignition: Coil
  • Clutch: Wet, Multi plate
  • Carburetors: Dell’ Orto UB 24 BS2, UB 24 B2
  • Wheels: Light Alloy, Wire Spoke 1.85 X 18”
  • Oil Tank capacity 2 kg.
  • Transmission: Geared Primary, Final Drive. Chain
  • Timing System: Push Rod
  • Cylinder Head / Barrel : Light Alloy


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