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Logo mwb.png
Mwb preview.png
MagicWB preview screenshot used to market the package
Developer(s) Martin Huttenloher
Initial release June 27, 1992; 22 years ago (1992-06-27)
Stable release 2.1p / June 8, 1997 (1997-06-08)
Operating system AmigaOS
Platform Amiga
Licence Shareware

MagicWB is a third-party Workbench enhancer for AmigaOS. It was developed in 1992-1997 by Martin Huttenloher.


The idea to enhance Workbench arose when the author got bored to the gray and abstract icons provided by Commodore. The original Amiga icons could use only four colours and even those were scarcely used. The background patterns supplied with the operating system for Workbench were also minimal. Desire to develop complete package to enhance Workbench look with complete set of icons, background patterns and new fonts was born.[1]


The original Amiga icon sets supported only four colours. MagicWB extended palette of icons to 8 colours allowing more colourful icons. The MagicWB grew so popular that it became de facto standard for many major third party packages developed for Amiga. One of those is MUI which used extensively MagicWB palette in its GUI widget library.

MagicWB palette
Red 149 000 255 59 123 175 170 255
Green 149 000 255 103 123 175 144 169
Blue 149 000 255 162 123 175 124 151

The design style in MagicWB was XEN. The package includes 9 replacement fonts (Topaz, XEN and Courier) and new background patterns for the Workbench desktop.

Other Workbench enhancers[edit]

The MagicWB package grew popular but many users found limiting icon sets to 8 fixed colours too limiting. Competing Workbench enhancer, NewIcons, was developed to allow more colourful icons. This eventually lead to GlowIcons and finally to true colour PNG icons.


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