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Maia is a city in northern Portugal, located in Maia Municipality. It coincides with the parish Cidade da Maia, and has 35,625[1] inhabitants.

Overall view


Maia City Hall's Lidador Tower
Visconde de Barreiros' Avenue, Maia.

In 1902, Maia achieved the status of vila (town). Maia was granted city status (cidade) on 23 August 1986. Due to a nation-wide administratively reform, the 3 parishes that formed the city's territorial limits, Gueifães, Maia and Vermoim, were merged, forming the Cidade da Maia parish (freguesia).


Maia is the hometown of two important sports organizations: the football club FC Maia, and the cycling team União Ciclista da Maia.

International relations[edit]

Twin towns — Sister cities[edit]

The following places are sister cities to Maia:


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Coordinates: 41°13′58″N 8°37′18″W / 41.2328°N 8.62156°W / 41.2328; -8.62156