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Majaa DVD Cover.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Shafi
Produced by Rockline Venkatesh
Screenplay by Viji Radhika
Story by Benny P Nayarambalam
Starring Vikram
Sindhu Tolani
Biju Menon
Music by Vidyasagar
Cinematography Balasubramaniem
Edited by V. T. Vijayan
KVR Productions
Rockline Entertainment
Distributed by Aascar Films International
Release dates
2 November 2005
Running time
138 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget 10.7 crore

Majaa is a 2005 Tamil film directed by Shafi, starring Vikram, Asin, Vadivelu, Pasupathy, Vijayakumar, Manivannan, Sindhu Tolani, Murali and Biju Menon. The music is composed by Vidyasagar. It tells the story of two adopted children changing from their old, mischievous ways of life. The film is a remake of Shafi's own Malayalam film Thommanum Makkalum.


Govindan (Manivannan) is a thief who has two children: Aadhi (Pasupathy) and Arivumathi (Vikram). Years go by and the two, Aadhi and Madhi, decide to stop stealing and mend their ways and lead a hardworking life along with their father. They migrate to neighboring village and meet a retired agricultural officer, Chidambaram (Vijayakumar) who is in deep debt and is under pressure from the village's landlord, Kalingarayar (Murali) to clear his debts. In efforts to help Chidambaran, Mathi confronts Seetha Lakshmi (Asin), Kalingarayar's daughter, who comes to collect the money Chidambaram owes her father. Seetha Lakshmi starts to acquire a liking for Mathi but keeps it hidden due to her father's atrocious temper. In an attempt to teach Kalingarayar a lesson, Mathi forcibly ties the mangalsutram around Seetha's neck. Kalingarayar, realizing his daughter's love for Mathi, comes down to arrange a grand remarriage between the two. But things go awry when Manicka Vel (Biju Menon), Seetha Lakshmi's maternal uncle, comes to town in an effort to stop the wedding between the two as he has plans of marrying her and wiping her family fortune.

Cast and crew[edit]

Cast :



Vikram saw Thommanum Makkalum and he asked Shafi to remake it.[1] The film was launched at AVM Studios in 2005, a huge set of village was erected at studios.[2] Asin selected to play heroine after Jyothika and Trisha rejected.[3] The crew went to Australia to shoot a song.[4] Vikram worked as an assistant director under Shafi for this film.[5]


Front cover
Soundtrack album by Vidyasagar
Released 2005
Label Aditya Music
An Ak Audio
Producer Vidyasagar
Vidyasagar chronology
Song title Singers
"Thai Maasam" Shankar Mahadevan, Anuradha Sriram
"Chi Chi Chi" Harini, Shankar Mahadevan, Savitha Reddy, Viji, Karthik
"Hey Pangaali" Udit Narayan, Manickka Vinayakam
"Podhumadaa Saami" Kailash Kher
"Sollitharavaa" Madhu Balakrishnan, Sadhana Sargam


The film was released in 2 November 2005 on the eve of Diwali.


Sify wrote:"The major flaw of Majaa is its wafer-thin story and screenplay, a mediocre subject to be remade from Malayalam, [sic] the film gives you a dreary sense of déjà vu, a feeling that one has seen it before.[6]

Box office[edit]

It was declared as an average grosser.[7][8]


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