Malatya (electoral district)

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for the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
Malatya in Turkey.svg
Malatya shown within Turkey
Electorate 503,323
Current constituency
Created 1920
Seats 6 (2011-)
7 (1995-2011)
6 (1961-1995)
9 (1957-1961)
12 (1954-1957)
MPs Mahmut Mücahit Fındıklı AKP
Mustafa Şahin AKP
Öznur Çalık AKP
Hüseyin Cemal Akın AKP
Ömer Faruk Öz AKP
Veli Ağbaba CHP
Turnout at last election 87.11%

Malatya is an electoral district of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. It elects six members of parliament (deputies) to represent the province of the same name for a four-year term by the D'Hondt method, a party-list proportional representation system.


Population reviews of each electoral district are conducted before each general election, which can lead to certain districts being granted a smaller or greater number of parliamentary seats. At the last election Malatya's seat allocation fell to six, having been at seven since 1995.

MPs for Malatya, 1999 onwards
Seat 1999 (21st parliament) 2002 (22nd parliament) 2007 (23rd parliament) 2011 (24th parliament)
1 Recai Kutan
Ahmet Münir Erkal
AK Party
Mahmut Mücahit Fındıklı
AK Party
2 Oğuzhan Asiltürk
Fuat Ölmeztoprak
AK Party
Mustafa Şahin
AK Party
3 Yaşar Canbay
Ali Osman Başkurt
AK Party
Öznur Çalık
AK Party
4 Miraç Akdoğan
Miraç Akdoğan
AK Party
Mehmet Şahin
AK Party
Hüseyin Cemal Akın
AK Party
5 Basri Coşkun
Süleyman Sarıbaş
AK Party
Ömer Faruk Öz
AK Party
6 Namık Hakan Durhan
Ferit Mevlüt Aslanoğlu
Veli Ağbaba
7 Tevfik Ahmet Özal[1]
Independent / Anavatan
Muharrem Kılıç
İhsan Koca
AK Party
No seat



Unelected candidates in small text.

Turkish general election, 2011: Malatya[2]
List Candidates Votes % ±%
AK Party Mahmut Mücahit Fındıklı, Mustafa Şahin, Öznur Çalık, Hüseyin Cemal Akın, Ömer Faruk Öz 294,645 67.99
CHP Veli Ağbaba 85,646 19.76
MHP None elected 35,293 8.14
Independent None elected 5474 1.26
HAS Party None elected 4120 0.95 N/A
Felicity None elected 3301 0.76
BBP None elected 1980 0.46
Democrat None elected 1378 0.32
Nation None elected 415 0.10
Democratic Left None elected 348 0.08 [3]
Communist None elected 304 0.07
DYP None elected 291 0.07
Nationalist Conservative None elected 182 0.04
HEPAR None elected 0
Liberal Democrat None elected 0
Labour None elected 0
Turnout 433,377 87.11


  1. ^ Ran as an independent. Joined Anavatan in June 2002, shortly before the next election.
  2. ^ [1] Turkish electoral commission
  3. ^ DSP in 2011 is compared to CHP in 2007, under whose list it ran that year

Coordinates: 38°30′N 38°00′E / 38.500°N 38.000°E / 38.500; 38.000