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Upper Seletar Reservoir

Mandai Road (Chinese: 万礼路; Malay: Jalan Mandai) is a heritage road located in Mandai in the northern area of Singapore. The road starts from Woodlands Road and ends at Upper Thomson Road. The road was built in 1855 in a jungle and appeared in the Franklin & Jackson (1828) Plan of Singapore as a river known as R. Mandi. It has been said the road came from a tree known as the Mandai tree which is a species of unid. The road is the main access to the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, thus it is common to refer to the zoos as the "Mandai Zoo". The Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium is also located in the area, and is the resting place of former president of Singapore, Mr Wee Kim Wee.

The Upper Seletar Reservoir is also located in the vicinity.

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