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For the village in Iran, see Marbin, Iran. For the administrative subdivisions of Iran, see Marbin-e Olya Rural District and Marbin-e Vosta Rural District.
Origin Israel/Chicago, USA
Genres Rock, jazz, world fusion
Years active 2007 (2007)–present
Labels Chicago Sessions, Moonjune
Associated acts Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance, Pat Metheny Group, Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Haslip, Virgil Donati, Scott Henderson, Mike Clark, Jeff Berlin
Members Danny Markovitch, Dani Rabin

Marbin is an instrumental rock band based in Chicago, Illinois.

Marbin first started in 2007 as an improvised music duo consisting of Israeli guitarist Dani Rabin and Israeli saxophonist Danny Markovitch Slor.[1] Markovitch and Rabin met shortly after Markovitch had completed his military service as an infantry sergeant and Rabin had graduated from Berklee College of Music.[2][3] Since 2008, Marbin has been living in Chicago and performing all over the United States, playing over 300 shows a year with the accompaniment of local drummers and bassists from Chicago, making Marbin one of the busiest bands in the states. They have released four albums: Impressions of a City (2009) as part of Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance, and three under the name Marbin,[4] Marbin (2009) as a duo, Breaking the Cycle (2011) with drummer Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group), bassist Steve Rodby (Pat Metheny Group), and Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon), Last Chapter of Dreaming (2013) with its touring band and an array of thirteen guests, and The Third Set, a live album recorded on tour in the midwest. Marbin is currently signed to Moonjune Records and Management.


In Chicago[edit]

In June 2009, Marbin released their first self-titled album, which was awarded album of the month by The Deli Magazine,[5] and Editor's Pick by Cdbaby.[6]

With Paul Wertico[edit]

In October 2008, Marbin met Paul Wertico and was invited to join forces with his long existing trio and to form Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance.[7] The group recorded the critically acclaimed album Impressions of a City for the record label Chicago Session.[8] The album received a lot of praise, including in national magazines, such as Modern Drummer,[9] The A.V. Club (The Onion),[10] Jazz Times[11] and a 4.5/5 stars rating by Downbeat Magazine (4-excellent, 5-masterpiece),[12] and was recognized as one of the best fifty albums of 2010.[13] Impressions of a City[14] was also one of the top fifty best selling albums on CD Universe.

Paul Joined Marbin (and brought Steve Rodby with him)[edit]

For their second album, Breaking the Cycle, Marbin expanded to include:[15] Guitarist Dani Rabin, saxophonist Danny Markovitch, drummer Paul Wertico (7 time Grammy Award winner with the Pat Metheny Group), and bassist Steve Rodby (11 time Grammy Award winner with the Pat Metheny Group). Marbin is the first time since Wertico's departure from the Pat Metheny Group[16] (he played drums for the group between the years 1984-2002) that he and Steve Rodby had collaborated in a band together. The years Paul Wertico was a member of the Pat Metheny Group alongside Steve Rodby are considered the golden era of the band (7 Grammy Awards and 3 Gold records).

According to major publications in the US and around the world such as The Chicago Tribune,[17] Maariv, All About Jazz, The Examiner, DRUM!,[18] Jazz Police, and Chicago Jazz Magazine,[19] Marbin's use of new extended techniques, such as looping and prepared-guitar in song form, in addition to their compositions and approach to music, results in music that is innovative and genre-defying.

Breaking the Cycle[edit]

In 2011, Marbin released their second album Breaking the Cycle with Moonjune Records.[20] In addition to the quartet, the album features percussionist Jamey Haddad from Paul Simon's band, and folk-singer Mat Davidson from The Low Anthem.[21]

Last Chapter of Dreaming[edit]

In 2013, Marbin released their third album, and their second with Moonjune Records Last Chapter of Dreaming. As of March 2014 Marbin has collectively sold over 10,000 copies of their three studio albums.

The Third Set[edit]

In 2014, Marbin released their fourth album, and their third with Moonjune Records The Third Set. The album was recorded live on tour in March 2013.

Shows and festivals[edit]

In addition to their regular schedule playing in top venues and festivals in the states (The Jazz Showcase, Frozen Dead Guy Days, Magic Bag, Gilly's, Andy's Jazz Club, Green Mill,[22] Chi-town Jazz Festival, Chicago Jazz Festival),[23] in September 2011, Marbin toured with fusion super group Scott Henderson, Mike Clark, and Jeff Berlin in a series of venues on the east coast and the midwest. In March 2012, Marbin toured with Allan Holdsworth's new trio that consists of Yellow Jackets' bassist Jimmy Haslip, and drummer Virgil Donati. In 2013 Marbin played with Wayne Krantz, Tim Lefebvre, and Nate Wood.


  • Marbin (2009)
  • Impressions of a City as part of Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance (2009)
  • Breaking the Cycle (2011)
  • Last Chapter of Dreaming (2013)
  • The Third Set (2014)

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