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Marc Brickman
The Brickmans-21 by Ronald James 4.jpeg
Marc Brickman
Born (1953-06-15) June 15, 1953 (age 61)
Philadelphia, PA
Occupation Artist
Spouse(s) Catherine Malcolm Brickman

Marc Brickman (born June 15, 1953, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a Director, Producer, Lighting Designer, Production Designer and Artist. Marc is an Emmy nominee, whose work has been seen by millions worldwide and his profile has been featured in publications and broadcasts including The New York Times (Arts feature story, Sunday edition). His legendary visuals for Pink Floyd [1] have become iconic, generating one of the best selling music DVDs in history. Paul McCartney 48 Hours,[2] Barcelona and Nagano Olympics Ceremonies, Cirque du Soleil (Viva Elvis), Blue Man Group, David Gilmour, Nine Inch Nails, John Mayer, Keith Urban, Barbara Streisand, Black Eyed Peas, Roger Waters, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Composer Hans Zimmer’s Concert Series and Marc’s favorite artist, YUSUF ISLAM are among his many show designs.

Film projects include Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, A-I, Sam Ramey’s Spiderman, Running Man and Cat in the Hat. Television credits include Let’s Make A Deal, Live to Dance and Chris Botti’s PBS Specials.

Arts commissions include a large-scale multi-media and digital installation at the Salzburg Festpiel. Architectural projects include the 2012 re-lighting of the Empire State Building with Philips The Empire State Building,[3]

A pioneer in the world of live entertainment design and award winning concert film director, Marc made his Broadway debut in 2007 with Young Frankenstein. His show for which he is co-director and producer, “Once Upon A Dream” starring the Rascals completed a sold out Broadway run Once Upon a Dream[4] featuring the The Rascals.[5]


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