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Marcus Turner
Birth name Marcus Turner
Occupation(s) Musician, singer-songwriter
Associated acts The Chaps
Spot On
How's That
Play School
Ginger Minge Binge Bush Band
High Country Bluegrass.
Website Turner's webpage
For the football player, see Marcus Turner (American football).

Marcus Turner is a singer-songwriter and folk musician from New Zealand. He has performed at folk festivals in New Zealand, in Australia, and overseas. He was also a presenter in the TVNZ children's television programmes Spot On, How's That and Play School.

Turner lives on the Otago Peninsula, near Dunedin, New Zealand.[1]

Music career[edit]

Turner began performing folk music at the Otago University Folk Music Club in 1973, at a time when a folk music revival was underway. His repertoire, which initially concentrated on the music of popular singers such as Paul Simon and John Denver, soon expanded to include more traditional music. During the 1970s, Turner was an active member of the Ginger Minge Binge Bush Band and, later, of the High Country Bluegrass.

Turner began to write his own songs, achieving early success when EMI recorded and released "The Civil Service Song" as a single. A few years later he recorded his first album, The Best is Yet to Come[2] (released in 1983 by Cityfolk Record Co.) and then toured folk clubs in New Zealand to promote it.

Turner became widely known throughout the country as part of the trio who presented the popular children's TV programme Spot On.

Following this, while training to become a television director, he acted as musical director for A Drop of the Pure Stuff, a televised folk concert from Central Otago. A 20-month trip to Britain followed, where he tried his hand at becoming a professional folk musician, but found the lifestyle too demanding.[1]

Since then, Turner helped to form The Chaps,[3] with fellow Dunedin folk musicians Mike Moroney (formerly of The Pioneer Pog 'n' Scroggin Bush Band), Hyram Ballard and John Dodd. The Chaps have recorded three albums and also toured Europe twice.

In 2005, Turner released his second solo album Laid Down. His musical interests have expanded to include traditional music from many countries, and he plays a wide variety of traditional musical instruments with Footspa,[4] a band comprising musicians from other groups located in the Dunedin area.

Some of his compositions were recorded by performers such as Irish singer Andy Irvine, the Danish folk group Færd[5] and the British singing group Hen Party.[6]

Turner has also composed for films, including the NHNZ documentary Hotel Iguana.[7]


  • The Best Is Yet To Come (1983)
  • Laid Down (2005)
With 'The Chaps'
  • In The Club (1993)
  • Hiphoppalong (2003)
  • Don't Worry 'Bout Your Age (2011)
By other artists
  • Way Out Yonder, by Andy Irvine (2000) – features Turner's "When The Boys Are On Parade"
  • Heart Gallery, by Hen Party (2005) – features Turner's "Chocolate Song"
  • Michael Black, by Michael Black (2007) – features Turner's "When The Boys Are On Parade"

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