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This article is about the town in Indonesia. For the Maros River (in Hungarian), see Mureş River. For Maros County (in Hungarian), see Mureş County.
The Regent of Maros and his entourage at Makassar during Dutch colonial period.
Padjoge dancers in Maros, Sulawesi (ca. 1870)

Maros is a town in the South Sulawesi province of Indonesia; it is the capital of the Maros Regency. Nearby is a prehistoric cave that has been submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list.[1] The town is the location of the Indonesian Cereals Research Institute, a branch of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development.


Coordinates: 5°00′08″S 119°34′32″E / 5.00222°S 119.57556°E / -5.00222; 119.57556