Marshall Steam Station

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Marshall Steam Station
A steam station with a large cooling tower expelling a cloud of vapor
A view of the steam station from the public entrance off of N.C. Highway 150.
Marshall Steam Station is located in North Carolina
Marshall Steam Station
Location of Marshall Steam Station in North Carolina
Country USA
Location Terrell, Catawba County, North Carolina
Coordinates 35°35′51″N 80°57′53″W / 35.59750°N 80.96472°W / 35.59750; -80.96472Coordinates: 35°35′51″N 80°57′53″W / 35.59750°N 80.96472°W / 35.59750; -80.96472
Commission date 1964
Owner(s) Duke Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel coal
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 2 × 350 MWe
2 × 648 MWe

Marshall Steam Station is a coal power plant located at 35°35′51″N 80°57′53″W / 35.59750°N 80.96472°W / 35.59750; -80.96472 in Terrell, Catawba County, North Carolina, United States and owned by Duke Energy. Named for former company president E.C. Marshall, the station is located on Lake Norman and began commercial operation in 1965.

Marshall is the second largest coal facility owned by Duke Energy in the Carolinas. It generates enough electricity (2.09 GW) to power approximately two million homes.[1]

The plant consists of four units. The first two, at 350 MWe each, were launched in 1965 and 1966. The other two units, at 648 MWe each, were launched in 1969 and 1970.[2]

A unique type of burner arrangement in the boilers keeps the nitrogen oxide emissions from the Marshall facility well below regulatory limits. In 2004, Duke Energy began installing scrubbers, which will lower the station's sulfur dioxide emissions by approximately 95 percent. The project was completed in 2007.

On December 11, 2014, Duke Energy, to repair a rusted, leaking pipe, received approval from North Carolina to dump Coal Ash (containing arsenic, lead and mercury, among other heavy metals) from the Marshall Steam Station into Lake Norman.[citation needed]