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Martini Shot is a Hollywood term that describes the final shot set-up of the day. According to Dave Knox, author of the film industry slang guide Strike the Baby and Kill the Blonde,[1] the Martini Shot was so named because "the next shot is out of a glass", referring to a post-wrap drink.

Other named shots include:

  • The Abby Singer Shot - The 2nd to last shot (named after an Assistant Director Abby Singer)
  • The Marislasis - The 3rd to last shot (named for Elian Gonzales' aunt)
  • The Maya Angelou - The 4th to last shot (origin unknown)
  • The Orson Welles or Lou Nidus - The shot before lunch (origin unknown).

Other uses[edit]

Martini Shot[2] is also the name of Rob Long's weekly short radio segment on KCRW in Los Angeles which covers the film industry.


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