Mathilde Bonnefoy

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Mathilde Bonnefoy
Born 11 March 1972
Occupation Film Editor

Mathilde Bonnefoy (born 11 March 1972 in Paris) is a film editor and director who was nominated for an ACE Eddie Award for the editing of the film Run Lola Run (1998).

Bonnefoy is the daughter of the French poet Yves Bonnefoy and Lucy Vines, an American; she has dual citizenship in France and the United States. From 1990-91 she studied philosophy at the Sorbonne, but she abandoned her studies to move to Berlin. By 1995 she was working as an assistant editor, and in 1997 she was credited as the "Avid assistant" for the German film Das Leben ist eine Baustelle (directed by Wolfgang Becker).[1]

Das Leben ist eine Baustelle was one of the first films produced by the film company X Filme GmbH, which was created by Becker and Tom Tykwer (among others).[2] Tykwer, who was the screenwriter for Das Leben ..., recruited Bonnefoy as the editor of Run Lola Run (1998), which he was directing. This film enjoyed international critical and box office success. It garnered Bonnefoy a Deutscher Filmpreis (the Academy Awards of Germany) for editing, as well as the ACE Eddie nomination.

Since Run Lola Run, Bonnefoy has edited several more films with Tykwer and with the director Wim Wenders. In recent years she has directed and edited films for German television.


Filmography based on the listing at the Internet Movie Database;[3] the director of each film is indicated in parenthesis.

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