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This article is about the name McKenna and people sharing it. For other uses, see McKenna.

McKenna, also MacKenna, is the anglicized form of the Gaelic Irish surname "Mac Cionaoith", also spelt Mac Cionaodha or Mac Cionnaith, meaning "son of Cionaodh". The meaning of "Cionaodh" can be translated, Cion being an old Irish word for respect and affection, and "aodh" Aodh, a Gaelic personal name, originally the name of the Celtic god of fire. The personal name probably means "beloved of Aodh."

The historical lineage of the McKennas lies in Truagh, County Monaghan, Ireland, where they were "The Lords Of Truagh" and the McKenna coat of arms can be seen on many of the graves from members of the family.[citation needed]

Today the spelling McKenna may vary such as Mikenna, Mackenna, Macenna, Makenna and Mckenna.

Notable people sharing the surname "McKenna"[edit]

Famous people of the surname McKenna include:

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