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The discography of the Japanese punk band Melt-Banana consists of ten studio albums and numerous EPs and singles.

Studio albums[edit]

Speak Squeak Creak
Label: JP: NUX Organization NUX-D9
US: A-Zap AZ 004CD
Released: September 1994
Other information: Re-issued on CD by A-Zap in April, 2001.

Cactuses Come in Flocks
UK: Chocolate Monk CHOC 30
Released: September 1994
Other information: Re-issued on CD and vinyl by A-Zap in September, 1999.

Scratch or Stitch
Label: JP: Meldac MECI-25041
US: Skin Graft GR 34CD
Released: November 1995
Other information: Re-issued on CD and vinyl by Skin Graft in May, 1996.

Label: JP/US: A-Zap AZCD-0001/AZLP-0001
Released: 27 October 1998
Other information: Released on CD and vinyl. Includes guests appearances by Mr Bungle members Mike Patton, Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn, Bar McKinnon, and Danny Heifetz.

MxBx 1998/13,000 Miles at Light Velocity
Label: US: Tzadik TZ 7219
Released: 16 February 1999
Other information: A live album by Melt-Banana.

Teeny Shiny
Label: JP/US: A-Zap AZCD-0003/AZLP-0003
Released: 12 December 2000
Other information: Released on CD and vinyl.

Label: JP/US: A-Zap AZCD-0005/AZLP-0005
Released: 1 July 2003
Other information: Released on CD and vinyl.

13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 1994–1999)
Label: JP/US: A-Zap AZCD-0006
Released: 17 May 2005
Other information: A compilation release of Melt-Banana's compilation appearances and singles recordings.

Bambi's Dilemma
Label: JP/US: A-Zap AZCD-0007/AZLP-0007 Released: 30 April 2007
Other information: Released on CD and vinyl.

Label: JP/US: A-Zap AZCD-0008/AZLP-0008 Released: September 30 2013
Other information: Released on CD and vinyl.

Singles and EPs[edit]

Year Title Other information Label
1994 Hedgehog Released in September, 1994. Charnel Music CHS-5
1994 7" split w/God Is My Co-Pilot Released on 22 October 1994; limited to 1,000 copies. HG Fact HG-024
1995 It's In the Pillcase Released in July, 1995; re-issued by Skin Graft. NUX Organization, Skin Graft NUX-EP 01, GR 24
1995 7" split w/Pencilneck Released in October, 1995. Anti-Music
1995 7" split w/Discordance Axis Released in 1995. HG Fact
1996 7" split w/Target Shoppers Released in September, 1996. Destroy All Music/Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers MZG 3253
1996 10" split w/Stilluppsteypa Released in October, 1996. Fire Inc./Something Weird
1996 Untitled (Piano One) 7"; released in November, 1996. Gentle Giant GG703
1997 7" split w/Plainfield Released in September, 1997. Smelly
1997 Eleventh Released in October, 1997. Slap-a-Ham Records 39
1998 5" split w/Xerobot Released in March, 1998. Coat-Tail
1998 Most Wanted World Wide (7" split w/Killout Trash) Released in April, 1998. kool.POP POP 7.001
1998 Dead Spex Released in October, 1998. HG Fact HG-097
2001 8" split w/Three Studies For a Crucifixion Released in August, 2001. Passacaglia
2001 7" split w/Dynamite Anna & the Bone Machine Released in November, 2001. Valium
2001 7" split w/Damien Frost Released on 4 November 2001; limited to 500 copies. Alpha Relish AR7-002
2002 7" split w/The Locust Released in January, 2002. GSL GSL 48
2002 7" split w/Big D & the Kids Table Released in October, 2002. Fork In Hand
2002 666 Released in October, 2002. Level PlaneLP-37
2004 7" split w/Narcosis Released in November, 2004. SuperFi/Speedowax SF005/ATOM025
2005 10" split w/Chung Released in July, 2005. Sounds of Subterrania SOS 059
2005 5" record/3" CD split w/Fantômas Released in August, 2005. Unhip UNHIP5
2006 Ai No Uta Released in February, 2006. HG Fact HG-197
2007 3" CD split w/Fat Day Released in July, 2007. Dark Beloved Cloud DBC252
2009 7" split w/Young Widows Released in August, 2009. Temporary Residence TRR152
2009 initial t. 7" record/3" CD Released in October, 2009. Init records INIT-57


  • July 1993 - Melt-Banana (released by Iguana Coax)
  • September 1993 - How Come Banana?? (released by Iguana Coax)
  • October 1993 - Raw Egg Till Morning (released by Iguana Coax)
  • September 1994 - Cactuses Come in the Flocks (released by Chocolate Monk)

Compilation appearances and remixes[edit]

Year Title Other information Label
1994 Mi Caballito Chulo...! Como Lo Quie Ro... V/A ("Pignight") Los Apson LOS 0001
1994 Cataclastic Fracture (A Noise Collection) V/A ("Diego") Deadline Recordings/Lazy Squid DLN 74/LS09
1995 Lo-Fi Recording Series ~Electric Acoustic & Radical~ V/A ("Sham Bazar", "Some Kind Of ID", "Crackhead Up Or Down" & "Incus! Incus! Incus!" w/Violent Onsen Geisha Meldac MECI-25019
1995 Megabank Presents Tribute to New Wave V/A ("Wordy Rappinghood") Megabank MB-2.507CD
1995 Bonafide Gas V/A ("Black Is the Color Of My True Love's Hair") Tedium House Publications BF10
1995 Killing Ha Muerto...Cuantas Veces? V/A ("Scrubber [Tropical Birds Version]") Climax CUM 001
1996 31 Bands Trash 31 Songs to Find the Way to Sesame Street V/A ("Everybody Wash") Bun Length/CR Japan BL-8/CR-003
1996 Great Blue Thing V/A ("Ooze", "No Way to Bite the Crooked Doubt") O' Great Blue Thing
1996 Balls to the Wall Magenta V/A ("Q", "Slug Named God" - w/Otomo Yoshihide) Dohb Discs ESCB-3213
1996 The Christmas Album V/A ("White Christmas") Sony Music Entertainment Japan
1997 Land Of the Rising Noise: Vol. 2 V/A ("Dig & Tickle, She Is Hit") Charnel Music CHCD-23
1998 Musique Non-Stop: A Tribute to Kraftwerk V/A ("Showroom Dummies") Toshiba EMI TOCT-10455
1998 Smiling Pets V/A ("Surfin' U.S.A.-You're Welcome") Sony Music Entertainment SRCS 316
1998 Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - A Music War V/A ("7.2 Seconds Flipping") Slap a Ham 42
1998 Liverache - Tales From the Livers Edge V/A ("He Says Drink Or Die, I Say Drink & Puke") Very Small Records VSR 80
1999 Knormalities V/A ("Pluck!") Dephine Knormal Musik DKM03
1999 Erase Yer Head #9 V/A ("Crack Up On Planet Q") Pandemonium PAN 036
1999 La Foresta Della Morte (The Deadly Forest) V/A ("Plastic Eyes") ToYo Records TOYO1
2001 The Rebirth Of Fool - Vol. 2 V/A ("Flash Section") Dual Plover 244-FKJ
2002 Dynamite With a Laserbeam: Queen As Heard Through the Meat Grinder Of Three One G V/A ("We Will Rock You") Three One G 31G 20
2002 Evil Against Evil Salvo Beta ("Alpha Boost [Melt-Banana Remix]") Someoddpilot SOPR007
2003 Japanoise V/A ("Brick Again") Little Mafia LM022
2005 One Bomb Fits All Zea (""Flying Objects Arrived [Melt-Banana Remix]"") Transformed Dreams DREAM 26
2005 Our Last Day V/A ("Ulterior") Hydra Head HH666-81
2006 Release the Bats: The Birthday Party As Heard Through the Meat Grinder Of Three One G V/A ("Faint Heart") Three One G 31G 34
2007 Doggy Style: The Dogs Tribute V/A ("GST 483") Future Now Records FNCD-1001