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Men's Cup is a global biannual synchro competition for male competitors Men's CUP established in Prague (2005), with further incarnations in Stockholm (2007) and in Milan (2009). Dutch club for aquatic sports Upstream Amsterdam is to organize the 4th Men's Cup Synchronized Swimming Tournament 2011 in Amsterdam. Competition is to be sanctioned in compliance with FINA regulations in solo, duo and team formations, with one extra non-sanctioned formation.

Recent Gay Games, World Outgames and EuroGames included competitions for men's solo, duo and team formations.


Teams and clubs:

  • [1] Swedish
  • [2] Prague, Czech Republic
  • Milano, Itally
  • [3] Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • [4] Brussels, Belgium
  • [5] Barcelona, Spain
  • [6] Paris, France
  • [7] Frankfurt, Germany
  • [8] Kiev, Ukrain
  • [9] Tokyo, Japan
  • London,
  • San Francisco,
  • Montreal,
  • Fort Lauderdale,
  • Madrid,
  • Copenhagen,
  • Dundee, Scotland (G Rodger, L Smith)

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