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British Swimming for the olympics
Founded 1869
Location SportPark, Loughborough University, Loughborough
Chairman Alastair Gray[1]
Chief Exec David Sparkes
Coach Michael Scott (swimming)
Steve Foley (diving)
Biz Price (synchronised swimming)
Nick Hume (water polo)
Replaced Amateur Swimming Federation of Great Britain (ASFGB)
Official website
United Kingdom

British Swimming is the national governing body of swimming, water polo, synchronised swimming, diving and open water in Great Britain.[2] British Swimming is a federation of the national governing bodies of England (Amateur Swimming Association), Scotland (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association), and Wales (Welsh Amateur Swimming Association).[2] These three are collectively known as the Home Country National Governing Bodies.[3]

For international swimming purposes, competitive swimming in Northern Ireland falls under the Irish swimming federation, Swim Ireland, and as such British Swimming represents Great Britain, rather than the United Kingdom. For the Olympic Games, Northern Irish swimmers may opt to compete for British Swimming.

British Swimming is a member of FINA, the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association, and has responsibility for elite performance, doping control and international relationships and events for the sports within the Great Britain. The Home Country National Governing Bodies are affiliated to British Swimming and are responsible for all other management of the sports in their respective countries from the learn to swim programmes up to performance development.[4]


British Swimming organises championships every year in each of the sporting disciplines.


Long course

The British Swimming Championships (50 m) are usually held in March or April each year, and usually act as selection trials for upcoming international level competitions due to be held in the following summer season.

Year Dates Venue Notes
2001 10–15 April Aquatics Centre, Manchester World Championships Trials
2002 10–15 April Aquatics Centre, Manchester Commonwealth Games Trials
2003 19–23 March Ponds Forge, Sheffield World Championships Trials
2004 7–11 April Ponds Forge, Sheffield Olympic Trials
2005 16–20 March Aquatics Centre, Manchester World Championship Trials
2006 4–9 April Ponds Forge, Sheffield European Championship and European Junior Championship Trials
2007 26 March–1 April Aquatics Centre, Manchester
2008 31 March–6 April Ponds Forge, Sheffield Olympic Trials
2009 16–20 March Ponds Forge, Sheffield World Championship Trials
2010 29 March - 3 April Ponds Forge, Sheffield European Championships Trials, Commonwealth Games Trials
2011 5–12 March Aquatics Centre, Manchester World Championships Trials
2012 3–10 March London Aquatics Centre Olympic Trials, London Prepares series
2013 26–30 June Ponds Forge, Sheffield World Championships Trials
Short course

The British Swimming Short Course Championships were usually held in August or September each year, though the event has not been held since 2004

Year Dates Venue
2001 9–12 August Norwich
2002 12–15 September Cambridge
2003 14–17 August Grand Central Pools, Stockport
2004 26–29 August Aquatics Centre, Manchester

Water polo[edit]

Domestic water polo competition in the UK is centred around the National Water Polo League (NWPL) and National Women's Water Polo League (NWWPL), which operate through the autumn and winter. The British Championships organised by British Swimming are held in the Spring. Winners of the championships in recent years are listed below.

British Championships
Year Men's champions Women's champions
1996[5] Bristol N/A
1997[5] Bristol N/A
1998[5] Bristol N/A
1999[6] Lancaster N/A
2000[5] Lancaster N/A
2001[5] Bristol N/A
2002[5] Penguin N/A
2003[5] Lancaster N/A
2004[5] Lancaster N/A
2005[5] Lancaster Sheffield
2006[7] Lancaster City of Sheffield
2007[5] Lancaster ?
2008[8] Rotherham Manchester
2009[9] Lancaster Manchester

Masters swimming[edit]

The masters swimming committee of British Swimming organises an annual championships, usually in June, for senior (18–24 yrs) and masters (25 yrs+). The championships are held in a long course (50 m) pool.

Year Dates Venue
1988 4–5 November Dundee
1989 3–5 November Coventry
1993 4–6 June Cardiff
2001 1–3 June Glasgow
2002 31 May–2 June Crystal Palace, London
2003 6–8 June Swansea
2004 23–25 April Aquatics Centre, Manchester
2005 3–5 June Glasgow
2006 16–18 June Aquatics Centre, Manchester
2007 15–17 June Aquatics Centre, Manchester
2008 20–22 June Aquatics Centre, Manchester
2013 25–27 October (Short course) Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield

Open water swimming[edit]

Alongside the Open Water Grand Prix series, British Swimming also arranges national championship events over 5 km and 10 km.


The British Diving Championships are held annually in the winter. Sometimes the annual championships are held in the December of the preceding calendar year.

Year Dates Venue
2004 13–14 December 2003 Ponds Forge, Sheffield
2005 11–13 February Ponds Forge, Sheffield
2006 16–18 December 2005 Aquatics Centre, Manchester
2007 15–17 December 2006 Aquatics Centre, Manchester
2008 4–6 January Aquatics Centre, Manchester

Synchronised swimming[edit]

The British Synchronised Swimming Championships are usually held in November or December each year.

Year Dates Venue
2004 6–7 November Gala Baths, Walsall
2005 5–6 November Braunstone LC, Leicester
2006 2–3 December Gloucester LC, Gloucester
2007 1–2 December Gloucester LC, Gloucester
2008 6–7 December Gloucester LC, Gloucester
2009 5–6 December Gloucester LC, Gloucester
2010 3–5 December Gloucester LC, Gloucester
2011 2–4 December Gloucester LC, Gloucester


In 2009 British Swimming announced a £15 million, 6 year sponsorship deal with British Gas.[10][11][12] It also announced sponsorship with Kellogg's[13] and Speedo[14] in 2009.

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