Meurthe (river)

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Bailey bridge over the Meurthe.
Origin Vosges mountains
Mouth Moselle
48°46′48″N 6°8′29″E / 48.78000°N 6.14139°E / 48.78000; 6.14139 (Moselle-Meurthe)Coordinates: 48°46′48″N 6°8′29″E / 48.78000°N 6.14139°E / 48.78000; 6.14139 (Moselle-Meurthe)
Basin countries France
Length 161 km
Source elevation 1190 m
Avg. discharge 41 m³/s
Basin area 3,085 km²

The Meurthe (French pronunciation: ​[mœʁt]) is a river in north-eastern France, right tributary to the river Moselle. Its source is in the Vosges mountains, near the Col de la Schlucht in the Vosges département. It gave its name to the present French département Meurthe-et-Moselle and the former (before the change in the Franco-German border after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870) département Meurthe.

Channelled to get across Nancy, the river joins the Moselle a short distance down-stream from the Port of Frouard, at Pompey on the northern edge of Nancy.

Towns along the river Meurthe include:

Tributaries include: