Ministry for Rural Affairs (Sweden)

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Ministry for Rural Affairs
Agency overview
Formed 1900 (1900)[1]
Employees about 130
Minister responsible Eskil Erlandsson
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The Ministry for Rural Affairs (Swedish: Landsbygdsdepartementet) is a ministry within the government of Sweden. Areas of responsibility includes agriculture and environmental issues relating to agriculture, fishery, reindeer husbandry, Sami affairs, horticulture, animal welfare, foodstuffs, hunting and game management as well as higher education and research in the field of agricultural sciences.

The Ministry were formerly known as the Ministry of Agriculture (Jordbruksdepartementet). On 1 January 2011 it changed its name to the Ministry for Rural Affairs,[2][3] but the title of Minister of Rural Affairs was already in use from 5 October 2010.

The ministry is located at Fredsgatan 8 in central Stockholm, close to the Prime Minister's Office.


The ministry employs about 140 people. The head of the ministry is the Minister for Rural Affairs, currently Eskil Erlandsson (Centre Party).

The ministry is divided into four specialist divisions:

  • The Animal and Food Division
  • The Rural Growth Division
  • The Game Management, Fisheries and Sami Affairs Division
  • The Agriculture and Forestry Division

There are also four administrative sections:

  • The Secretariat for Administration and Development
  • The Secretariat for EU Coordination and International Affairs
  • The Legal Secretariat
  • Information Section

Areas of responsibility[edit]

  • Agriculture
  • Animals
  • Fisheries
  • Foodstuffs
  • Forestry
  • Hunting and Game management
  • International cooperation
  • Natural resources and the environment
  • Organic production and consumption
  • Reindeer husbandry
  • Research and education in land-based industries
  • Rural development
  • Sami policy

Government agencies[edit]

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries is principal for the following government agencies:


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