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Genre Comedy
Written by Clamp
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Magazine
Published 2002
Volumes 1
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Murikuri (むりくり?) is a one-shot manga by Clamp, published in Vol. 4/5 (a special double issue) of Kodansha's Young Magazine in 2002.


Murikuri is a series of short stories featuring aliens, a man conceiving a baby, a pervert Father Santa and his girlfriend, and a pig. Many of these stories revolve around sexual desire. The first story involves a girl giving a love letter to a pig. His friend, a grade-school boy, envies the pig because of the pig's height, which allows him to see girl's panties. Another story is about aliens abducting a woman because they find her attractive. The longest story is about a man discovering he's carrying a baby (which will grow in his back), which is an unwelcome surprise as while it means he and his wife will have a child, it also means they can no longer have sex until the stability period. Another features a schoolgirl who is dating Santa Claus, and is disappointed that she cannot spend Christmas with him (because he has to work).