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Type Private
Industry Retail, Ecommerce
Founded 2006
Products Groceries

mySupermarket is an online shopping and comparison website for groceries, household items and health and beauty products in the United Kingdom (, the United States (, and Israel ( It enables users to compare prices across a number of online stores. In 2011, mySupermarket claimed to be able to cut a weekly shopping bill in the UK by up to 20%.[1]

The site analyses the products in a shopper's trolley and suggests swapping some of the items for cheaper substitutes or alternate sizes that offer better value. In addition, it compares the entire price of the trolley between stores and allows the user to switch to another store at any time before transferring their trolley to their chosen supermarket.[2]



In October 2006, launched as a supermarket shopping and price comparison site for the UK.

In January 2008, launched a data service, offering retailers, manufacturers and analysts insight into its price comparison data and sales data.

In November 2011 mySupermarket launched a Health and Beauty website also featuring the pharmacies Boots UK and Superdrug and offering price comparison services for health, beauty and skincare products.

In 2012 mySupermarket launched a Mini-Store concept. Manufacturers can create their own mini-stores on the mySupermarket website and customers can subscribe directly to the listed mini-stores. Nivea, Kellogg's and Activia were the first companies to participate in this concept, followed by Reckitt Benckiser, Birds Eye, Walkers, Danone and McVitie's.

Later in 2012, mySupermarket launched a suite of new saving features for shoppers including Cashback, Price Alerts and a browser add-on called the mySupermarket Companion which includes a recipe function which lets users shop for ingredients when browsing supported recipe sites.

In June 2013, the company launched for the United States market.[3]

Corporate affairs[edit]

mySupermarket Limited is a private company, owned by a group of investors and mySupermarket employees. In May 2007, received a £3 million investment from venture capitalist firms, Greylock Partners[4] and Pitango. These funds were earmarked for structured marketing of the site to increase its regular users.[5]

In April 2012, received an investment of $10 million from WPP and existing investors.[citation needed]

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