National Liberal Youth (Romania)

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National Liberal Youth
Tineretul Național Liberal
President Florin Alexe
Vice President Adrian Ștef (First vicepresident)
Adrian Atomei, Horia Carțiș, Alin Drǎgulin, Victor Ionescu, Paul Olteanu, Ionuț Stroe, Bogdan Țîmpău, Vasile Brumǎ, George Dumitrică, Mircea Fechet, Ciprian Jichici, Ionel Spătaru, Cătălin Tudosă
Secretary General Rǎzvan Pop
Founded 1876
Headquarters B-dul Aviatorilor, nr. 86, Sector 1, Bucharest
Mother party National Liberal Party
International affiliation IFLRY
LYMEC affiliation March 2002
Initiative of South East European Liberals (ISEEL) affiliation 2003, founding member

The National Liberal Youth (Romanian: Tineretul Național Liberal, TNL) is the youth organisation of the National Liberal Party (PNL) of Romania. It is a nationwide body, as part of the PNL local, county and national organisations.

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