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Over the last five years, gas consumption, production, and imports in China have grown dramatically, with two-digit growth.[1]

Natural Gas Consumption[edit]

Considering China's immense demand for energy, gas plays a relatively small role in its energy use, with only 5% of total energy in 2012.[2]

Natural Gas Supply[edit]

Natural gas production in China, 1980-2012


China produced 112 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2013, making it the sixth largest gas producer in the world.Gas production more than doubled over the period 2005-2013.[3]

Natural Gas Imports[edit]

Despite rapidly rising natural gas production, in 2013 China imported 52 billion cubic meters of natural gas, making it the world's fifth largest gas importer. Imports increased more than tenfold in the period 2008-2013.[4] China has worked to diversify its sources for natural gas imports. As of 2013, 85% of China's LNG supply came from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Qatar.[5]

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