Nette (Rhine)

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For other uses of Nette see Nette.
The Nette at Mayen.
The Nette at Mayen.
Origin 50°26′0.8″N 7°5′23.7″E / 50.433556°N 7.089917°E / 50.433556; 7.089917 (Modau source)
Mouth 50°25′42″N 7°26′56″E / 50.42833°N 7.44889°E / 50.42833; 7.44889 (Modau mouth)
Progression RhineNorth Sea
Length 59.1 km
Source elevation 562 m
Mouth elevation 59 m
Basin area 372.398 km²
River system Rhine

The Nette is a small river in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, a left tributary of the Rhine. It rises in the Eifel, south of Nürburg. The Nette flows east through Mayen before reaching the Rhine between Weißenthurm and Andernach.

Nette gives her name to one of the Königsbacher Pils beers.