New Socialist Party (Japan)

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New Socialist Party
Shin Shakai-tō
Founded March 3, 1996
Split from Social Democratic Party
Ideology Socialism
Direct Democracy
Politics of Japan
Political parties

The New Socialist Party (新社会党 Shin Shakai-tō?) was a left-wing party created in Japan on March 3, 1996, by a group of left wingers who left the Social Democratic Party.[1][2]

The party has some similarities to the Japanese Communist Party. It says that people can have "freedom of thought and religious beliefs". A peaceful democratic revolution, peace, and human rights constitute what the party desires to be part of Japan's constitution. Another idea they support is direct democracy.

Another viewpoint that the party shares with the Japanese Communist Party, although slightly different,[clarification needed] is the belief Japan should completely stop using its nuclear power, so Japan can become a nation with "unarmed neutrality."[3]


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