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Founded in 1993, Nexus Editrice was an Italian game publisher.


By 2003, Paizo Publishing successfully licensed translations of Dungeon and Dragon magazines to Nexus Editrice, who published a combined magazine called Dragon & Dungeon starting that April.[1]

Nexus produced board games, role-playing games, card games, miniature games, published magazines devoted to games, and licensed to the Italian market games from many major international games publishers, such as Fantasy Flight Games, Games Workshop, Fasa and Kosmos.

Nexus also created original games which have been distributed worldwide, including:

  • the award-winning War of the Ring game (2004), its major international success;
  • the "Marvel Heroes" game (2006);
  • the "Rattlesnake" children game (2007)

Nexus also published original game lines:

  • the X-Bugs series (2001), later released as "Micro Mutants", a dexterity-based humoristic game;
  • the Wings of War (2004–2007) series of airplane combat games, translated into 14 different languages.

Nexus Editrice also re-launched on the international market a classic brand of historical miniatures, the "Atlantic" figures.

Nexus Games is now a brand owned by the Italian company NG International, a subsidiary of Italeri.


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