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Nigerian Australians
Total population
4,519 Nigerian-born
Regions with significant populations
English · Fulfulde · Hausa · Igbo · Yoruba · other Nigerian languages
Related ethnic groups
African Australian

Nigerian Australians are Australian citizens and residents of Nigerian origin or descent. The Nigerian-born form one of the fastest-growing migrant groups in Australia.[1]


The Nigerian population in Australia has been increasing rapidly. The 2011 Census noted there are 4,519 Nigerian-born people in Australia.[2] The population almost doubled since the previous census in 2006.[3] The vast majority are skilled and educated, with 82.4% of the Nigerian-born aged 15 years and over possessing higher non-school qualifications, compared to 55.9% of the Australian population. [4]


Students have become a rapidly-growing source of Nigerian migrants to Australia. Nigeria is predicted to become one of the top 10 sources of international students for Australian universities.[5] Australia’s streamlined visa processing for international ­students and its post-study work rights scheme have been given some credit for this. Many Nigerians come as engineering students planning to work in their country’s oil industry. Thus universities respected in engineering such as the University of NSW have seen massive growth in their Nigerian student numbers.[6]

Population distribution[edit]

One third of Nigerians in Australia live in Sydney, and one quarter reside in Melbourne.[7] Half of Australia’s Igbo-speakers live in Sydney.[8][9] Igbo, Yoruba and Fulfulde are Nigerian languages which each have many hundreds of speakers in Australia.[10]

Nigerian cuisine can be found in restaurants in the more diverse Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.[11][12][13]

Notable Nigerian Australians[edit]