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Approximate comparison of Non-Pythagorean pitches (red)About this sound Play  to 12-tone equal tempered pitches (blue)About this sound Play .[1] Note that, while the equal tempered pitches increase exponentially, the pitches found lower on the Non-Pythagorean scale have frequencies that are farther apart while pitches found higher on the scale are closer together.

The Non-Pythagorean scale is a musical scale and tuning first conceived and developed by Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stereo. It is based on natural logarithms. The term "Non-Pythagorean" is a reference to the Pythagorean tuning approximated by the chromatic scale.

The scale was introduced in 2007 with the release of New Magnetic Wonder, the sixth studio album by The Apples in Stereo. The album featured two brief compositions using the scale. Enhanced CD versions of the album included a third composition as well as a variety of information from Schneider concerning the scale. Audio files and instructions are also on the disc, enabling the listener to prepare a MIDI keyboard to play in the Non-Pythagorean scale.

Though use of the scale is still sparse, a handful of artists have composed with it,[citation needed] and Schneider has encouraged those interested to experiment with it and continue development of a possible musical theory.


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