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Nordic may refer to:

Synonym for Scandinavian or Norse[edit]

Relating to a racial category[edit]

  • Nordic race, a group in some anthropological theories characterized by tall stature, long head, light skin and hair, and light-colored eyes
  • Nordic theory or Nordicism, the belief that Northern Europeans constitute a "master race"
  • Nordic League (a British far right organization), a far right organisation in the United Kingdom from 1935 to 1939 that sought to serve as a co-ordinating body for the various extremist movements whilst also seeking to promote Nazism
  • Nordic aliens, also referred to as Nordics, a group of supposed humanoid extraterrestrial beings whose appearance resembles the Nordic physical type


  • Nordic combined, a winter sport in which athletes compete in both cross-country skiing and ski jumping
  • Nordic skiing, a winter sport that encompasses all types of skiing where the heel of the boot cannot be fixed to the ski, as opposed to Alpine skiing
  • Nordic walking, a physical activity and a sport consisting of walking with poles similar to ski poles
  • Nordic Figure Skating Championships, an annual invitational elite figure skating competition, open only to skaters from Nordic countries
  • Quebec Nordiques, an ice hockey team.

Place names[edit]


  • Nordic Catholic Church, a church body in Norway of High Church Lutheran origin, under the auspices of the Polish National Catholic Church


In popular culture[edit]

  • Nordic race, a race from the fictional Elder Scrolls game series


  • a 6-rowed feed barley variety

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