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OHB System building 1 and SAR Lupe integration building
OHB System building 3

OHB System is a medium-sized aerospace company located in Bremen, northern Germany, which belongs to the OHB AG (formerly OHB Technology AG). OHB System is a systems provider in the areas of telematics, space technology, security and satellite services. The company was founded in 1958 as a marine systems outfitter and shifted its fields of activity toward aerospace engineering after Prof. Manfred Fuchs joined the leadership of the company in 1985.

OHB was originally an abbreviation of Otto Hydraulik Bremen, which was later changed to Orbitale Hochtechnologie Bremen (Orbital High-technology Bremen).

OHB AG and OHB System employ approximately 2,400 persons in the fields of space, aerospace, and industrial products. The turnover was 616,0 million € in 2012.


The company has been working on numerous prestigious national German and international projects related to small satellites, manned space flight as well as security and reconnaissance technologies.


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Coordinates: 53°06′01″N 8°51′25″E / 53.10028°N 8.85694°E / 53.10028; 8.85694