Oni Logan

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Oni Logan
Birth name Leonardo Onito Agustus Jimenez
Born Argentina
Genres Hard rock
Occupations Singer
Instruments vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, tambourine, maracas, harmonica
Associated acts Diamond Rose, Ferrari, Lynch Mob, Racer X

Oni Logan is a hard rock vocalist. He was born Leonardo Onito Agustus Jimenez in Argentina and raised in the United States (New York, Connecticut, and Florida). He is perhaps best recognized as the original (and, once again, current) lead singer of the band Lynch Mob.

He first played in the band Diamond Rose in South Florida from 1985 to 1987. That band consisted of Dave Rhodes (guitar), Mike D'Amico (drums), Marc Wolpert (bass), and Mark "Smitty" Smith (guitar). The band was well known in South Florida, but Oni left the band and went to L.A. early in his career to become a member of the band Ferrari. Shortly after that, he became the original lead singer for the band Lynch Mob, featuring lead guitarist George Lynch, who had recently left the band Dokken.

In 1990, Lynch Mob released their first album Wicked Sensation, which featured Logan on lead vocals. However, shortly after finishing touring, Logan was removed from the band's lineup and replaced by new singer Robert Mason. Why Logan and the band parted ways is still unknown to the public, although according to the main Wiki entry for Lynch Mob, his "lifestyle" had adversely affected his performing abilities.

In the mid-1990s, Logan formed the band Violets Demise with former Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson. The group recorded an album, but it was never released. Recently, the un-released Violets Demise album began circulating on the internet and has become a popular bootleg. In 2001, album was self-released under the name Logan/Robertson, titled Revisited.

Logan took a hiatus from the music business, before resurfacing in L.A. clubs with his band Head Set. After moving his family to Europe, he started a new musical direction. In 2005, Logan released his first solo album Stranger in a Foreign Land, which features a new, different musical sound for the vocalist. Logan wrote all the songs on his album as well.

Logan was one of many guest vocalists featured on Liberty N' Justice's 2006 album Soundtrack of a Soul. Logan sings "Show Me the Way," the seventh track on the record.

Logan reunited for a tour with Lynch Mob in 2008, and appears on the band's 2009 Smoke and Mirrors album. According to an interview with George Lynch, the record is "the natural evolution of where 'Wicked Sensation' would have went with Oni had we done a second record."[1] Logan was set to sing on the 2011 Lynch Mob tour, but reportedly two hours before Lynch Mob were set to hit the road, Logan told George Lynch he wasn't going to make it.[citation needed] Chas West replaced Logan on the tour.[citation needed]

Logan was the primary songwriter and vocalist in Lynch Mob's 2012 EP titled Sound Mountain Sessions. He also toured with Lynch Mob promoting the EP in the summer of 2012.

Since 2012, Oni has toured with Dio Disciples.[2]


Lynch Mob[edit]

  • Wicked Sensation (1990)
  • Smoke and Mirrors (2009)
  • Sound Mountain Sessions (2012)


  • Revisited (2001)

Oni Logan[edit]

  • Stranger in a Foreign Land (2005)

Liberty N' Justice[edit]

  • Soundtrack of a Soul (2006)


Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life (2014, featuring Jimmy Bain, Rowan Robertson, and Brian Tichy, covering "I")

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