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Oshkosh Striker - KATL
Manufacturer Oshkosh Corporation
Wheelbase 219 in (5,562.6 mm)(4x4)[1]
Length 426 in (10,820.4 mm) (4x4)
Width 120 in (10 ft) (4x4)
Height 140 in (3,556.0 mm) (4x4)
Curb weight 62,000 lb (28,123 kg) (4x4)

The Oshkosh Striker is a specialized aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle built by Oshkosh Corporation at the Pierce Mfg. facilities Appleton, Wisconsin. There are three models of the Striker: 1500, 3000, 4500.[2] All models are available with a snozzle capable of piercing an aircraft fuselage to dispense fire retardant material within a cabin or cargo area.


4x4 2 Axle Model

  • 1500 gal. water tank
  • 210 gal. foam tank
  • 450 lb. dry chemical
  • 460 lb. Halotron 1

Oshkosh unveiled a new modernized Striker at FDIC-Indianapolis, April 2010. It is 2,000 pounds lighter so it is faster and more maneuverable. The new Striker was designed with extensive feedback from firefighters and fire chiefs. It has a 700 HP Deutz TCD 16.0L V8 Diesel engine with over 2,000 pound-feet of torque. This new edition has 84 sq. ft. of glass in the front windscreen, and for the first time has crosslays. Engine maintenance is facilitated by a walk-in, step-up platform incorporated into the rear of the unit, making major systems easily serviced.


6x6 3 Axle Model

  • 3000 gal. water tank
  • 420 gal. foam tank
  • 500 lb. dry chemical
  • 460 lb. Halotron 1


8x8 4 Axle Model

  • 4500 gal. water tank
  • 630 gal. foam tank
  • 500 lb. dry chemical
  • 460 lb. Halotron 1


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