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For the company, see PV Crystalox Solar
PVCS Version Manager
Original author(s) Polytron Corporation
Developer(s) Serena Software
Initial release 1985; 30 years ago (1985)
Stable release 8.4.6 / November 30, 2012; 2 years ago (2012-11-30)
Written in C/C++/Java
Operating system Windows, Unix-like
Type Revision control
License Proprietary software
Website www.serena.com/products/pvcs-pro/

PVCS Version Manager (originally named Polytron Version Control System) is a software package by Serena Software Inc. for revision control of files, in particular source code files.

PVCS follows the "locking" approach to concurrency control; it has no merge operator built-in (but does, nonetheless, have a separate merge command). However PVCS can also be configured to support several users simultaneously attempting to edit the file; in this case the second committer (chronologically speaking) will have a branch created for him/her so that both modifications, instead of conflicting, will appear as parallel histories for the same file. This is unlike CVS and Subversion where the second committer needs to first merge the changes via the update command and then resolve conflicts (when they exist) before actually committing.

Originally developed by Don Kinzer and published by Polytron in 1985, through a history of acquisitions and mergers, the product was at times owned by Sage Software of Rockville, Maryland (not related to Sage Software of the UK), Intersolv, and Merant Software. The latter was acquired by Serena Software in 2004, which was itself acquired by Silver Lake Partners in 2006.

Synergex ported both the PVCS Version Manager and the PVCS Configuration Builder (an extended make utility, including a variant of the command line tool make[1][better source needed]) to various Unix platforms and OpenVMS.[2]

In 2009, Serena Software clarified that it will continue to invest in PVCS and provide support to PVCS customers for the foreseeable future.[3][dead link]

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