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CA Panvalet
Developer(s) Computer Associates
Operating system z/OS, z/VSE
Type Revision control
License Proprietary

Computer Associates Panvalet® (also known as CA-Panvalet) is a revision control and source code management system for mainframe computers such as the IBM System z and IBM System/370 running the z/OS and z/VSE operating systems. Unlike open-source solutions such as CVS, SVN or Mercurial, Panvalet is a closed source, proprietary system for versioning and control of source code such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe on personal computers.

Panvalet can be used to manage program source code, JCL, and object module files. It supports granular access controls including check-in and check-out by specific mainframe user IDs.

Panvalet competes against another source code control product from CA, Endevor.