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Oblique air photo of Parker Valley, AZ/CA, facing south

The Parker Valley of the Lower Colorado River is located at Parker, Arizona-Earp, California, (valley center, north).[1] It is at the northern area of the Colorado River Indian Reservation on the Colorado River, and is also at the northern perimeter of the La Posa Plain.[2] Poston, Arizona and Big River, California are also located in the Parker Valley.

Three major drainages into the Colorado River enter in the Parker Valley region. The Bill Williams River and its drainage watersheds, and also the Bouse Wash Drainage are in the north. The adjacent drainage from the south on the west side of the north-south La Posa Plain, is the Tyson Wash Drainage. The Tyson drainage ends prior to entering the Colorado River, just east of the river in the Colorado River Indian Reservation.

In California the Vidal Valley and the Whipple Mountains border the Colorado River-Parker Valley on the north-northwest. The Palo Verde Valley also borders the Parker Valley in the southwest.

In southwest Arizona, on the Colorado River, the large Parker Valley, south of the Whipple Mountains massif causing the southwest-trending excursion of the Colorado; the Palo Verde Valley is attached to the southwest of the Parker Valley.[3]


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Coordinates: 33°36′39″N 114°31′09″W / 33.61083°N 114.51917°W / 33.61083; -114.51917