Parkway South Middle School

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Parkway South Middle School
760 Woods Mill Rd.
Manchester, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA

Coordinates 38°36′37″N 90°30′26″W / 38.61014°N 90.50725°W / 38.61014; -90.50725Coordinates: 38°36′37″N 90°30′26″W / 38.61014°N 90.50725°W / 38.61014; -90.50725
Type Public
Motto The Three Rs:Respect, Responsibility, and Reach
School district Parkway School District
Principal Craig Fenner
Grades 6–8
Enrollment 712
Color(s)          Red and Blue
Mascot Patriot

Parkway South Middle School is a middle school in the Parkway School District in St. Louis County, Missouri, United States. The school mascot is the Patriot and the colors are red, white, and blue, just like Parkway South, the high school it feeds into. The school principal, Craig Fenner, has worked for the Parkway School District for the last 26 years.


South Middle Students are each assigned to one of two or three teams on each grade. Each team consists of teachers that teach required subjects. Those include science, mathematics, social studies, and communication arts. Most teams have two Communication Art teachers. Students that are in 7th and 8th grade are assigned to homerooms, where they go at the beginning and ending of school.

Electives classes[edit]

Students can take two electives, along with their required classes. These electives include foreign language, Fine Arts, Practical Arts, and Instrumental Technology. Popular classes include Spanish, Practical Living, Applied Technology, Technology Exploration, Band, Choir and German. Some classes require prior electives, such as Concert Orchestra (8th grade) requires a passing grade from Orchestra 2 (7th grade).

Physical education and health education[edit]

Most students are required to take P.E. for two of the three trimesters and health the other trimester. In 6th grade, the classes are mixed with boys and girls, but in 7th and 8th, boys and girls are separated. In the early months of school, P.E. classes go outside to the football field, or stay in the gym. Some classes include flag football, Frisbee golf, gator ball, etc. Winter classes stay inside. Classes are usually skating, mat ball, etc. In the spring, there is baseball, archery, etc. Sometimes classes will alternate between the "big" gym and the mini gym.

Health students are sometimes split into 7th or 8th grade classes. Many classes involved the human body, personal health, drug education, dangers of smoking, and things like that.

After school activities[edit]

After School Activities are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On Mondays are 6th grade intramurals, Chess club, South Middle Sinfonia, and Math Club. On Wednesdays are 7th grade intramurals, Yearbook Club, Student Council, and the Jewelry Club. On Thursdays are 8th grade intramurals, Science Olympiad club and the 7th grade homework clubs.

1983 shooting[edit]

On Thursday, January 20, 1983, eighth grader David F. Lawler brought to school a blue duffel bag containing two family-owned .22 caliber pistols, and a murder/suicide note that outlined his intention to kill the next person heard speaking ill of his older brother Ken. He had received the 100 rounds of ammunition used in the shooting as a Christmas present.[1] Lawler entered a study hall classroom at approximately 11:55 a.m. and opened fire with the two pistols, hitting two fellow students, 15-year-old Randall A. Koger and 15-year-old Greg Saffo (Palmer). The first victim, Randall Koger was fatally shot three times in the back piercing his heart and died at 12:28 p.m. The second victim, Greg Saffo aka Greg Palmer received a non-fatal gunshot wound to the abdomen and survived after being sent to a local hospital. During the shooting the study hall teacher unsuccessfully attempted to intervene and calm Lawler. With all of his classmates hiding under and behind their desks, Lawler, placed one of the pistols to the temple of his head and uttered, "no one will ever call my brother a pussy again" then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Associated Press Article

"Police believe the shootings may have been spurred by a remark Palmer had made to another youth concerning Lawler's older brother Ken. [...] Tim Palmer, 16, Greg Saffo/Palmer's older brother, said Greg had told him that he had called Ken Lawler a pussy. Tim Palmer also said that although his younger brother disliked Ken, he had barely known David Lawler."[1]


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