Patrick Hallahan

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Patrick Hallahan
Genres Indie rock
Instruments Drums, percussion
Associated acts My Morning Jacket, America, Dan Auerbach, Spanish Gold

Patrick Hallahan (born April 27, 1978) is an American drummer with the Kentucky-based indie rock outfit My Morning Jacket. While the sound of early MMJ included softer drums behind reverb, on It Still Moves and Z, Hallahan's drumming became much more powerful and prominent, drawing comparisons to Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Hallahan has been a close friend of frontman Jim James since childhood, so when My Morning Jacket's previous drummer (KC Guetig) left the band, James asked Hallahan, who has been a member ever since.[1] A gifted drummer, Hallahan says that when he worked in a coffee shop he "could time the cappuccino by tapping my foot." Hallahan received co-composing credits on "Off The Record" with Tom Blankenship and James. Hallahan's style meshes together the hard hitting sounds of more classic rock drummers, while still encompassing the necessary versatility of a more progressive rock sound. Hallahan has been interviewed and acclaimed by Rolling Stone magazine, hailed as the "years best little known drummer" of 2005," following the release of the My Morning Jacket's fourth studio release, and second on ATO records, Z.

In 2012 Hallahan wrote an article on My Morning Jacket,[2] about the band and Louisville, for the July issue of Louisville Magazine. Bandmates James and Blankenship also wrote articles for the issue.

Hallahan is also drummer for Dan Auerbach's (of The Black Keys) solo band, The Fast Five. As well, Hallahan as part of the group Spanish Gold will be releasing their debut album South of Nowhere on May 27, 2014


  • Hallahan is endorsed by Istanbul AGOP cymbals and C&C Custom Drum Company.


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