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This article is about the American technology journalist. For the American newspaper executive and journalist, see Paul Miller (journalist). For other people named Paul Miller, see Paul Miller.
Paul Miller
Occupation Technology journalist
Known for Engadget, This Is My Next, The Verge

Paul Miller is an American technology journalist from Springfield, Missouri.[1] A former editor of Engadget, he left in 2011 to become a senior editor at The Verge.[2]

Miller is a Christian as he has stated publicly on the Vergecast and in his Twitter account description.[3][4] He is also a pixel density enthusiast.[4]

As an experiment, he didn't use the Internet for a year, from May 1, 2012[5][6] to May 1, 2013.[7] As of August 2013, Miller was no longer working full time at The Verge.[8]


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