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HTF8 edited-1.jpg
Crele Hen
Conservation status Rare
Country of origin Spain
Weight Male: 5 lbs.
  Female: 4 lbs.
Skin color White
Egg color Dark Brown
Comb type clavell (carnation)
Layer breed
Gallus gallus domesticus

The Penedesenca is a breed of chicken originating in the Spanish region of Catalonia, in the area around Vilafranca del Penedès, which is the main town in the region known as "Penedès". It was developed in the first half of the 20th century from native barnyard chickens, and today is noted for producing copious amounts of very dark brown eggs, said to be among the darkest of any breed of chicken.

The earliest variety was the Black Penedesenca, which became standardized in 1946, when it was better known as the Vilafranca chicken. Today, Black, Crele, Partridge, and Wheaten colors exist (the Crele variety shows sexual differentiation at hatching, the males being light ash-grey and the females nut-brown in color). However, no variety has been accepted into poultry standards. All members of the breed possess red earlobes with a white center, red wattles, and an unusual red comb. Called the king's comb or carnation comb, it is similar to a common single comb but has several lobes at the rear. The breed is rare among poultry fanciers in North America, but is a common breed in Central and South America.


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