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Penn Kemp (born 1944, Strathroy, Ontario) is a Canadian poet, novelist, playwright, and sound poet who lives in London, Ontario.[1] In 2010 Kemp became London's first poet laureate.[2]


  • Time Less Time / Quand cesse le temps, Penn Kemp and Gavin Stairs, French translation by Claude Gillard.
  • Vocal Braiding, Penn Kemp and Patricia Keeney, designed by Gavin Stairs. Chapbook/CD.
  • Sarasvati-Scapes, Angela Hryniuk and Penn Kemp (Gavin Stairs Fine Editions, Fiddlehead Press, 2001).
  • Two Lips, Penn Kemp, Anne Anglin and Susan McMaster, CD produced by PsychoSpace Sound, 2001. Design, Richard Payne.
  • INCREMENTALLY: Sound and concrete poetry from Penn Kemp's participatory performances. Photos by Rachel Thompson. CD
  • George The Purple Spotted Horse. Illustrator and author, James Kemp. introduction and story editing by his daughter, Penn Kemp. Fine art chapbook.


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