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"Perfect 10"
Single by The Beautiful South
from the album Quench
Released September, 1998 (UK)
Format CD single
Genre Pop rock
The Beautiful South singles chronology
"Liars' Bar"
"Perfect 10"

"Perfect 10" is a song by The Beautiful South, released in 1998. It reached number two in the UK charts. The song also appeared on their album Quench.

The song consists of a series of comments and puns about a relationship between a man and woman using clothing sizes and penis length in the lyrics. The title itself is a pun in that it is reference to the men's magazine of the same name. It also has a double meaning – "Perfect 10" referring to a person who scores 10 out of 10 for attractiveness and desirability, but also referring to a size 10 (in UK women's clothing measurement) which the male singer (Paul Heaton) suggests is the perfect size for his woman, while the female singer suggest 8 inches is the perfect penis size.

Other weight and size-related lyric puns in the song include: "Anorexic chicks, the model 6, they don't hold no weight with me", and from the female singer (Jacqui Abbott): "If he's XXL, well what the hell, every penny don't fit the slot" and "When he's at my gate, with a big fat 8, you wanna see the smile on my face".

"Perfect 10" was seen as a 'tour classic' by The Beautiful South and it has been stated by Dave Stead that "There are certain songs you just can't leave out...I think we would be lynched if we didn't play "Keep It All In", "Don't Marry Her" and "Perfect 10"."[1]

This song also features in a episode of sitcom Phoenix Nights, where compere Jerry St Clair sings it in his own style.

"Perfect 10" also featured as the theme song of UK television series Fat Friends.

Paul Weller guested on guitar.


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