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The Honourable
Pierre Claude Nolin
Senator for De Salaberry, Quebec
Assumed office
June 18, 1993
Appointed by Brian Mulroney
Preceded by Jean-Marie Poitras
Speaker of the Senate
Assumed office
November 27, 2014
Appointed by Stephen Harper
Preceded by Noël Kinsella
Personal details
Born (1950-10-30) October 30, 1950 (age 64)
Montreal, Quebec
Political party Progressive Conservative (1993-2004)
Conservative (2004-)

Pierre Claude Nolin (born October 30, 1950) is a Canadian politician and Senator. He is the Speaker of the Senate.[1]

Life before politics[edit]

Nolin was born in Montreal, Quebec, and attended the University of Ottawa. He received a Degree in Law in 1975. In 1976, Nolin married Camille Desjardins. They have three children—Simon, Louis and Virginie. Nolin was a key Quebec backroom supporter and organizer for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney beginning with Mulroney's first attempt to become Progressive Conservative party leader in 1976. He was appointed to the Canadian Senate at Mulroney's recommendation on June 18, 1993.

Quebec senator[edit]

For ten years, Nolin worked actively as a high-profile member of the PC Party Senate Caucus. In 2002, Nolin raised eyebrows by chairing the Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs and supporting its recommendations to legalize but not decriminalize the use of marijuana in Canada. Nolin supported the merger of the PC Party and the Canadian Alliance in 2003 that created the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). Nolin supported auto-parts magnate Belinda Stronach during the 2004 CPC leadership election.

Between former Tory MP André Bachand's departure from politics in June 2004 and January 2006, Nolin surreptitiously became the "Quebec strongman" in the new Conservative Party's parliamentary caucus. Nolin is largely seen as an influential Red Tory, which is in line with most of the Conservatives who have come from Quebec in recent decades. In January 2005, Nolin announced that the Quebec wing of the CPC would be introducing several "moderate" principles to the March 2005 CPC Policy Convention in Montreal, including a motion to support the rights of married same-sex couples to equal status in the courts of law. Many of the new Tory party's Quebec-wing motions passed, but with amendments. In the Canadian federal election, 2006, the new Tories managed to elect 10 MPs from Quebec, that party's best showing since 1988. With the greater Quebec representation in the party's caucus, Nolin has returned to playing a more supportive role as a Senator in the new Conservative government. He will not reach the mandatory retirement age of 75 until 2025.

Nolin was elected Speaker pro tempore of the Canadian Senate on November 20, 2013 and, a year later, was appointed Speaker of the Senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper effective November 27, 2014, as a result of the retirement of his predecessor, Noël Kinsella.[2]


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Preceded by
Noël Kinsella
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